Original Design by JSydel

Jennifer Sydels’ jewelry is a work of art. She incorporates months of design, selects the most beautiful and rare gemstones, and produces a timeless creation that lasts a lifetime. Every component of her design is meticulously thought-out, informed by her exquisite sense of color and impeccable eye for balance.

Having grown up in the jewelry business, Jennifer has traveled on numerous international buying trips. Each trip has been instrumental in influencing her designs. Absorbing culture, color, architecture and nature, Jennifer incorporates these elements to create a newly beloved treasure for her customer.

A graduate of New York University, Jennifer’s academic pursuit in historic costume design provoked a passion in her for rare and exceptional textiles. After working in New York City with a leading Broadway costume firm, Jennifer returned to Chicago to start her own jewelry design company. As a third-generation jeweler, she was able to incorporate her love for rich, expressive textiles with her attraction to and extensive knowledge of gemstones. When you put on one of Jennifer’s designs, the piece becomes a part of you like the clothes you wear. You feel its weight and see its individuality, which reflects your unique taste.

In fact, Jennifer encourages her clients to participate in the creation of her designs. Their parameters stimulate her to design a piece of jewelry that triggers a memory and shows their individual perspective.

As with any artist, the creation process is uniquely Jennifer’s. Every piece is therefore trademarked and hallmarked with a logo, guaranteeing its authenticity as a one-of-a-kind creation.

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