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Company Philosophy

A Chicago jewelry design firm founded in the autumn of 2007, J Sydel Inc. opened its first design studio in April of 2008. Located in the John Hancock Building, J Sydel Inc caters to a very specialized client in a comfortable and exclusive setting. J Sydel Inc. established itself as a jewelry design company creating one of a kind works of art. Every design is made out of precious minerals and pure metals. Jennifer Sydel creates designs with an aesthetic that reflects the beauty and purity of nature. This uniqueness attracts a sophisticated client who appreciates and admires the hand of an artist.

As the third generation of the Sydel jewelry name, Jennifer has a unique directive in serving her clients. Her energy and passion is dedicated to designing a one of-a-kind creation. She focuses on incorporating inherited family stones, or jewelry into modern, organic works of art. Memories of the past become new treasures of the present.

Recognizing that many people already have fine jewelry, Jennifer meets with her clients, one on one in her private “studio” environment, where the consultation begins. Here the client defines their desires while Jennifer listens carefully interpreting all the necessary wishes. Immediately a dialogue is formed between the client and designer. The energy shaped, insures the creation of a one of a kind, work of art, specific to the clients desires and Jennifer’s vision.

Passion and Priority

Jewelry is an expression of one’s self, just like the clothes we wear; jewelry defines how we want others to perceive us. Jewelry is an essential adornment because it also permits us to feel close to the individual who gave it to us, whether that is a lover, a grandmother, or a child; all have deep sentimental meaning. These memories are the treasures that one will carry with them forever.

J Sydel INC has an aesthetic that reflects the natural minerals Jennifer designs with. For example, her unique incorporation of pearls in a design emphasizes her appreciation for the motion and fluidity a pearl experiences in the ocean. The choices of colors in each gemstone are also portraits of nature, integrating warm hues of the sun, the liveliness of the sky and the tenderness of the earth to vitalize the human character.

Jennifer’s dedication to creating one of a kind, works of art are emphasized in her disciplined design process, as well as her knowledge of age-old construction techniques. In pursuing unique beauty, Jennifer’s passion for form and style creates a personal expression for her clients that they treasure for years to come.

Point of View

Having grown up in the jewelry business, Jennifer has traveled on numerous international buying trips. Each trip has been instrumental in influencing her designs. Absorbing culture, color, architecture and nature, Jennifer incorporates these elements to create a newly beloved treasure for her customer.

Jennifer’s extensive study in historic costume design, at New York University, provoked in her a passion for rare and exceptional textiles. While working at one of the leading Broadway costume firms, she noticed a detailed elegance present in each of the fabrics she worked with. Entranced by the textiles beauty and its historic story, Jennifer started designing jewelry with the same passion.

When you put on one of Jennifer’s designs, the design becomes a part of you in both comfort and personality. You feel its weight and see its individuality, which reflects your own unique taste and connection to color, texture, brilliance and beauty.


Jennifer welcomes the opportunity to start a dialogue about your treasured jewels. She listens to her client’s request and within a month or so she has transformed your jewels into a new design that reflects your current lifestyle. Every effort is made to meet with her clients demanding schedules. Jennifer takes great pride in satisfying her client’s unique requests, and respects their limited availability.

The utmost attention is granted in making appointments that are scheduled around the clients needs. Please contact Jennifer to make arrangements.

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